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Welcome to Tsingshan Video Projection Room. We are here to share with you some wonderful images for having a vivid understanding of all about Tsingshan.

Tsingshan 2018 Video

Tsingshan, adhering to its unique ethos, has always been devoted to the exploration of stainless steel and the new energy fields, to think the unthinkable, to proceed with the unprecedented, and to reach the unreachable, we are striving relentlessly for the perfection and a better future.

Tsingshan Indonesia Industrial Park

When we join together, we will create unlimited possibilities! This is the reason why we propose “Together we can” as the theme of the corporate video for Tsingshan Indonesia Industrial Park. It's not a slogan. It's our action! When we stand together with the Indonesian people, together with IMIP and IWIP, we will create prosperity, share energy, and protect the environment, and create a greener, more scientific and intelligent future!
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