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New Energy Industry Chain

Relying on the abundant upstream resources, cooperating with first-class domestic and international partners, and taking cost-effective products as the core, Tsingshan will build a new energy industry chain covering nickel and cobalt mineral resources exploitation, hydrometallurgy, precursor, cathode material and battery application, to boost the development of the global new energy industry.

Located in Longwan District, Wenzhou, the Wenzhou manufacturing base has realized the capacity of 8GWH. Located in the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone, the Shanghai R & D Center has a team of hundreds of employees, of which more than 60% have master's degree and doctor's degree.

Relying on the strong support and rich resources of Tsingshan and based on large-scale industrial intelligent manufacturing technology, REPT Energy takes high-performance and high consistency battery design technology as the core, and achieves the two breakthroughs of product compatibility and low-cost solution through coordinated development of industrial chain. It the most cost-effective power/energy storage battery manufacturing enterprise in the industry, and promotes the development of global new energy industry.

For more information, please visit the website of REPT Co., Ltd.

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